Sunday, March 18, 2007

Any Time Now

I have been wanting to join the fun over here, but the road to Latvian mittens has been a slow one for me.

This is the yarn I have spun so far for my mittens. The steel blue yarn is from some delicious wool/alpaca roving I got from Jessie at A Piece of Vermont. I have more of her roving in natural on the wheel now. The grays are a blend of wool and alpaca I made on the drum carder. They will be my accent colors at the cuff.

I am thinking about using this pattern. Hopefully, I'll have enough yarn to start swatching in the next day or two. I am thinking of using the blue as the background color and the white for the pattern which is the opposite of what the book shows. Do you think that will look odd?


becky c. said...

It will be beautiful! Handspun will make your mittens even more special - good for you!

Cindy said...

I'm sorry it's too big, but it really does look pretty. Your colors look great together and your braids look really nice. I have been looking for instructions for doing the braids on-line, but haven't found any. Does anyone know of a link I haven't found?

Cindy said...

Sorry for the confusing post. Somehow my comment appeared on this post and not the one just after. I do still want any links for the braids though!

Kyra said...

What book is your pattern in?

Charlene said...

As I was reading along on your blog I hadn't realized that you spun your own fiber. It looks beautiful, and finely done. I have knitted several items, mainly sweaters from a family friend who owns Alpacas, and spins it herself. So I can appreciate how much experience you must have to get it in that fine of a gauge. I'm curious as well to where are you finding your patterns for the latvian mittens? In particular the one your working on now with the fringe and braids.