Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh Dear!

I finally have a start to my Latvian mitten. I love the colors and the cuff pattern so far. I enjoyed learning how to make the fringe and braids. Both are new techniques for me.

Only one problem. It is gigantic! Off to the frog pond for me. The next version will be knit on smaller needles and fewer stitches. I don't want to trim too much though because I like the main pattern just the way it is. Oh well, it won't hurt to get more practice on the fringe and braid. These definitely have rookie mistakes.


KarenK said...

What a beautiful mitten-wannabe! What a challenge to knit with even smaller pins... er, needles. I'm looking forward to seeing how you trim the pattern for the next pair - nice work!

Charlene said...

I'm loving your mittens! The colours are gorgeous! I'm partial to the more natural shades. I'm in the middle of a pair of socks using multi-coloured sock yarn, and I think it looks like we're using the same size needles, 2.5mm?

Gabe said...

I love the mitten thus far!!! The texture difference is beautiful! BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment on my sweater! Hope to see the finished mitten and the sweater in cotton! Please drop by anytime, I really appreciate it!

-Gabe (www.k2tog-p2tog.blogspot.com)

Margits said...

Min son köpte boken i USA för flera år sedan åt mig och jag har fått mycket inspiration från den. När jag lärde mig tvåändstickning upptäcktr jag att flätorna var tvåändstickning så det blev en glad överraskning.