Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Blogless Nessa Z. sent me these pictures of her progress (with cat). She writes:

I’m doing the Latgale mitten from chapter 6, but I’m borrowing elements from the gorgeous black and white you see on the cover page and plate 13e. I wanted to do that black/white as pictured, but when I counted up the number of stitches to cast on, I realized that it’s charted at some 12 stitches/inch. I’d have to use 000’s, the prospect was too appalling to consider.

So I’m getting 9 stitches/inch in KnitPicks Palette, on size 1 KnitPicks circular with Magic loop. I tried using DPNs, since I normally use them for socks, but found them too fussy to use when stranding. I didn’t swatch first, since I have made a Fair Isle tam in Palette and got 8 st/inch on size 2’s, and just cast on and got lucky. I just wish it came in nicer heathery shades like the J&S yarns. But you gets what you pays for, ‘tis true.

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Margene said...

LOVE the black and white. The mitten looks fabulous and very traditional.