Sunday, February 25, 2007


Thank you for your kind comments. And be careful of that ice!

I'm feeling much better, brain fog has lifted, only an occasional pause in my speech while I have to hunt for words.

I am a nurse, so while I knew what to expect with a head injury and wasn't freaked out, it was a very odd feeling recognizing those symptoms in myself.

Though adversity has come my way, I have achieved mittenage!

And the mitten fits perfectly. Now I must get busy and avoid the dreaded Second Mitten Syndrome.

I have some advice for anyone doing fringe - get some alligator clips (you can find nice ones with rubber padding in the jaws at Radio shack) or hair pins and secure the first couple of fringe stitches while you complete the fringe row. Those first ones tend to wiggle around and loosen up, and if you don't notice you're in for a bugger of a repair job. Ask me how I know this.

It is a nice day to stay home and knit, watching the snow.


Beth said...

That fringe looks so appealing! Since I'm stuck on my current mitten maybe I should give that fringe some thought. Startitis? ;)

Becky Clark said...

Yay for you! It is gorgeous!

Doortje said...

I know all about the second mitten/sock syndrome, just started a second mitten the first one was finished a month ago.
Love your mitten, love the fringe, think I am going to try that on my next pair.

Nanette said...

I've always wanted to make those mittens and I was thrilled to see your gorgeous mitten! The fringe is so cool.