Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where the mitten dabbles its toes in the frog pond

February 11, 2007


Some of this mitten must leave the rest. I am 8 rows into the palm patterns and when I tried it on, realized that the mitten would reach more than half-way up my arm if I continued.

Now, I am a middle-aged, short, roly-poly person and will never look elegant in long mittens. Besides, they will bunch up against my coat cuffs. So the really nifty middle pattern that took me more than an hour to adapt and graph must go. I will frog back to the braids - and redo the top-most braid which I managed to knit pointing in the wrong direction. This is the learning curve part of taking on challanges.

On the brighter side, my knitting has improved greatly since I read Susan's Feb. 6th post about the Modified Magic Loop method. I had tension problems and the stitches bunched up somewhat where I changed needles. The modification has solved that - the edges look just as good as the rest. It's an ingenious little trick - go give her blog a read. There's lots of other wisdom about stranded knitting there, too.

Hey, this is my first post done all by myself - Vicki posted the previous one for me. I'm rather impressed how easy this was to do. Now I have to learn how to use DH's camera and take my own pics.

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Vicki Knitorious said...

Aw, too bad it has to go -- it looks great!