Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Latvian meets St. Brigid...

Blogless Willi from Berlin writes: After I've seen Nessa Z's difficulties about the length of the mittens depending on the motifs I'll tentively knit them from the top. This is my 3rd try (rib,rib ribbe-di-dib, dipdip), but I do have enough yarn in stock (sigh).

Later: There is only a little progress in the mitten, because my daughter wants a second turtleneck shrug (Scarf Style). By the way, when she got the first one, she mumbled: What's that, I'll never wear such a strange thing... Now her schoolfriends admire the red one and everything changed ;-) and so I couldn't be fast enough.

Today there is a picture about my various mitten-experiments: one has been too wide or too narrow on the fingertips, the third one I disliked the passage(?) from front to the back, it was something "crumbling." So I decided to start in two extra beginnings and joined them when the width comforts me.

I can't wait still there is the picture-riddle of your fabulous mittens, love this.*

Looking forward to your next installment, Willi!!

*And stay tuned for the Mitten-Picture-Riddle Contest -- a spot the differences sort of thing using my two mittens (but first I have to finish!)

>>>>I sent out a bunch of invitations to blog on this here blog (finally). I'm sorry for such a long delay. You know, I run a pretty laid-back KAL, though, and this just proves it. I've sent an invitation to anyone who expressed an interest somewhere along the way. The more the merrier. No deadlines, no pressure, no nothin' except knitting and sharing and having fun.

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